Thursday 18 October, 2012

Better late than Never they say

Well….I have not written in this blog since it opened. Lets not hash out the reasons why “not” because I really have no legitimate reason. Moving forward now …..

I have always been the one to read others blogs but never the one to be the “blogger”. So this is my REAL kick at the can here!

Its October, the month I have a LOVE/HATE relationship with every year! My daughters Vanessa and Jada start planning their Halloween costumes a month in advance, changing their minds on ideas and tweeks….much like their mother in trying to decide what to add to our product line up next. (more like …which one to pick of the million ideas I have stored in my brain). I on the other hand get pits of burning sensations in my stomach as the people around me say things like “OH its almost Christmas” or “what are you going to be for Halloween” or “Where are you taking the girls trick or treating” or “Have you been busy” or “Can you go for coffee” or being invited ANYWHERE over the next 30 days or my daughters telling me their Christmas wishes! Way too much in my brain this time of year!!!! OVER LOAD actually!….The excitement of what is to come in the next 6 weeks is beyond words.

Reason? you might be asking ……well, everyday in October is 1 day closer to RCM (the retail crazy mayhem) that starts November 1 and ends December 15th! It is crazy, it is fun and it is exciting! ….it is EXHAUSTING!

Every year I try to “forecast …..”how much hockey do I need” “how much bamboo long johns do I need” “how many rhinestone appliques do I need” on and on and on! I feel like a “one man santa band” sometimes lol

Even though I have the loving support and help of my wonderful husband and my little elves Vanessa and Jada, it is STILL hard to juggle FULL TIME home, kids, pets and business in a day!

Our first “PJZZZZ Santa stop” will be Studio Fair in Prince George, November 1 to 3rd. The support from this community is exciting and contagious! This show is VERY well established and SERIOUS professional shoppers comb the show lanes.

PJZZZZ has a lot of exciting products that are not available in retail stores OR on line so if you have a chance to visit one of our participating retail shows please do not hesitate. Well worth the hustle and bustle. And if you cant make it, no worries, check our “retail locator” for a store near you for our fantastic selections of PJZZZZ.

My ending note……

The feeling of people loving what you love to do is the BEST! The feeling of grandma’s, moms, dads, uncles, aunts, sisters, brothers, great grandma’s, great grandpa’s, friends of friends buying their “ritual yearly PJZZZZ” …..I am speechless and forever grateful for all who believe in our products and quality. Thank you


I will TRY to blog more often. If this blog posts then it worked and you will hear from me again REAL soon.

Thanks for listening

Sincerely Krisztina

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