About Us

From our family to yours, we’d like to welcome you to PJ’ZZZZ. When we created PJ’ZZZZ, we didn’t just want to create a pyjama store. Our goal was to create an entire experience. Everything we make, everything we offer, and all the little extras are designed to make bedtime a breezzzze for you and your little ones.

As a family, we believe that every day is a new adventure. We believe in making healthy, natural choices. We believe in spending quality time together everyday. And, we believe in listening and learning. These core values play an important role in our family life and as such, we wanted make sure PJ’ZZZZ represented these same values which influence everything we do. Here are some examples of how we incorporate these core values at PJ’ZZZZ:

Our Values

    • We believe that bedtime should be a fun and exciting experience every single night, not a chore.
    • We only choose unique and colourful prints that spark your child’s imagination for adventure and fairytales.
    • We believe in making healthful choices for our little ones.
    • All of our pyjamas and undergarments are made from natural fabrics like bamboo, soy and cotton. These natural fibres have loads of healthful benefits like antibacterial protection, moisture absorbency, breathability and are environmentally friendly.
    • We believe in spending quality time with our family every day.
    • Visit some of PJ’ZZZZ favourite websites for fun bedtime stories to read with your little ones. Create your own story together and send it to us for publishing. Color together or play some of our fun games. The little extras we provide are all opportunities for you to spend more quality time together.
    • We believe in listening and learning.
    • At PJ’ZZZZ, we welcome all of your feedback and suggestions. We are continually looking for ways to improve your experience with PJ’ZZZZ and will do our very best to listen and learn from our resident expert – YOU!

Thank you for spending a few minutes of your precious time getting to know PJ’ZZZZ, and our family a little bit better. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask. We’re happy to help.


Krisztina, John, Vanessa and Jada