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Wednesday 25 June, 2014

Pyjamas: They’ve Come a Long Way

We put them on every night before bedtime. We lounge around in them on leisurely weekend mornings. They even have a corny joke: Knock, knock. Who’s There? Pyjamas Pyjamas who? Pyjamas around me and hold me tight! (We know, groaner…) As common as they are to us, most of us don’t give a second thought […]

Thursday 18 October, 2012

Better late than Never they say

Well….I have not written in this blog since it opened. Lets not hash out the reasons why “not” because I really have no legitimate reason. Moving forward now ….. I have always been the one to read others blogs but never the one to be the “blogger”. So this is my REAL kick at the […]

Look for Libby in our new flannel prints for 2012
Saturday 21 January, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone!  Lots of new products, colors and prints coming soon…..      

Tuesday 18 October, 2011

Welcome to the new site