Charities We Support

Following are a few excerpts from our community service endeavours. Please support these organizations that are so committed to helping children and families.


“Thank you so much for your huge donation of children’s clothes! I had no idea you would be able to give us so much. We were able to convince JAL to let Dave check 3 pieces of luggage so he was able to bring everything with him on this trip!

I contacted some friends at a charity called Living Dreams that has been supporting Japanese orphanages for years. They have started a special program for the children affected by the tsunami called the Tohoku Kids Support Project. They have already started making trips with supplies to the shelters and orphanages up north and said that your donation will most definitely be appreciated and sent to the kids in need quickly. I’ve pasted some links below so you can see what the charities are about.

Thanks again for your amazing donation! I am so happy we were able to help the kids in Japan.”

Living | Empowering and enriching orphans in Japan

“Thank you for your generous donation of the new cotton flannel pyjamas and fleece blankets for our patients during this holiday season. We look forward to keeping in touch with you in the new year to help with the ongoing needs of patients with new pyjamas.”

Pat Gillis
BC Children’s Hospital

“I would like to thank you for your generous donation of 42 pieces of new children’s clothing…parents are always pleased with new pyjamas for their children around here, especially with long stays in the hospital… What makes the house so special are the inspiring people who depend on it, the people who volunteer their time and energy, and fine people like you who generously support the work we do. Thankyou!”

Richard Pass
Ronald McDonald House BC

“I am extending to you our heartfelt thanks for providing hope to many less fortunate families in 2006. With your help, we gave Christmas hampers to hundreds of Surrey families with Children. Through the support of people like you, these members of our community who struggle daily to “get by” received a measure of comfort this Christmas.”

Barry Shiles
Surrey Christmas Bureau

“I would like to acknowledge and thank you for your generous donation of children’s sleepwear to our transition house. We appreciate the kind gesture to assist the children who come to our transition home and are victims of family violence. Your kindness will make a difference.”

Christine Mohr
Options: Services to Communities Society