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PJZZZZ Featured in Urban Baby & Toddler Spring 2010 Edition

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Top five gifts for kids
By Cheryl ChanDecember 3, 2008

Polyester, begone!
Surrey mom Krisztina Lyle banished polyester pajamas from the closet after her youngest daughter came down with the night-time itchies. She created a line of super-soft, eco-friendly bamboo sleepwear that include the Babyjohnz, a onesie-and-longjohns set, swaddle blankies and washcloths that’s been selling like hotcakes. Hollywood actress Halle Berry was seen last month scooped them up by the handful at Circle Craft Market. (From $34.95 to 39.95; for Pjzzzz retailers, go to

PJZZZZ Featured by Kindervibe

Tuesday, November 25, 2008 – B.C. and Calgary edition

What’s the vibe today . . .

Jazzzz up bedtime with PJ’ZZZZ!

Ready to rev-up your child’s bedtime routine? If so, then check out PJ’ZZZZs, the pyjamas that promise to “make bedtime a breezzzze!”

What it is

PJ’ZZZZ is a line of locally made pyjamas, made of natural fabrics, which come in a wide range of prints and sizes (everything from baby to tweens). Along with the great line of pyjamas, PJ’ZZZZ also offers an impressive selection of loungewear, and underwear… even pyjama “add ons” (flashlight, activity book) for those special nights spent at grandmas house!

Why we love it

We love that PJ’ZZZZs are made in Vancouver, and specialize in natural fabrics like soy, bamboo and cotton, making for very comfy, breathable nightwear. The wide range of sizes is also appealing, especially for families who have kids in different age groups. We dig the selection of funky prints, featuring everything from cute cupcakes and puppies to cool snowboarders and hockey players. And finally, we love the option of upgrading any pair of PJ’ZZZZs to the “party pack,” for $13 more. With the “party pack,” your child’s PJ’ZZZZ will come in a matching draw string sleepover bag, complete with activity book, flashlight and even a toothbrush. With all these cool features, PJ’ZZZZ really do make bedtime a “breezzzze”! Now, if only PJ’ZZZZs came in adult sizes…

Where to find it

Lucky for us, PJ’ZZZZs are available through their website, as well as at these retailers in BC and Alberta. Most pairs of PJ’ZZZZ are available for about $35.

Baby bounty

No polyester in this crib (printed in the Georgia Straight Style)
After South Surrey mom Krisztina Dahl’s youngest daughter came down with a case of the night-time itchies, Dahl knew her child’s polyester PJs had to go. But she didn’t want to give up sparky designs to do it. So Dahl developed an ever-expanding line of super-soft bamboo, soy, and cotton bed wear and undies for the newborn-to-kid set. As a gift, the retro-styled PJs can stand on their own, or come as a “party pack” with a matching drawstring sleepover bag, activity book, flashlight, and toothbrush for an additional $13. The colourful pyjamas sell for $34.95. Check for a list of local retailers.


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